Teaching Your Dog Tricks

white dog photoTeaching Your Dog Tricks – What’s the purpose? Well, first off, assure you do in fact have a life! No, the dog isn’t spoiled nor too fat nor overweight from getting “too much” treats, just because every treat is smaller than a pea. No, don’t force your dog to do something either or crush her spirit with “forcing” her to do tricks, either. Instead, when training, reward your dog’s obedience and encourage it, then let your dog lead it, and if necessary let her know that you will correct her but not punish her.
white dog photo

When you teach your dog tricks, it’s important to remember that they are for the game of fetch. If it were for play, then you’d need to train your dog more about social etiquette and body language, and possibly, how to behave around children. There’s no point in forcing your dog to act in a certain way, since that only teaches her not to trust you. Instead, reward your dog’s obedience, tell her you see what she did and praise her and that you think she is very good at it, and that you want to make sure your dogs learn the rules in order to win the game.
white dog photo

Teaching Your Dog Tricks isn’t hard, but it will take patience on your part. If you want to win at fetch with your dog, then be patient and reward your dog for her obedience, then if necessary, tell her you’ll correct her, but won’t punish her.

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