Simple Dog Care Book By Dr Joanne Righetti

dog photoSimple Dog Care is an excellent tool for both experienced and novice dog lovers to help them learn basic grooming techniques and the fundamentals of responsible dog ownership. The author Jennifer Sander has spent years researching and sharpening her knowledge on caring for dogs of all breeds, ages and backgrounds. What makes her book so valuable is that it not only provides information on how to care for your best buddy but also gives you helpful tips for maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe home for your pet. In Simple Dog Care, Jennifer reveals secrets of the best dog food, the best way to wash your dog, and even how to eliminate fleas and ticks from your pet’s photo

A large part of Simple Dog Care focuses on teaching new owners proper dog care practices such as how to give their dogs appropriate dog treats. Although the book does not go into depth on how to choose treats, the information that you receive will help you learn what kinds of treats are ideal for your pets and what kinds aren’t safe or even harmful for your animals. Some of the best dog treat recipes include crackers with fresh vegetables and small pieces of fruit; hard-boiled eggs and chicken salad; and plain, unsweetened yogurt. Other tempting treats you can teach your dogs include sausages, hot dogs, and apple popsicles. If you’re not sure about the latter two options, then consider buying a couple of cans of homemade dog food and cooking a batch of your own dog treats while you’re at it!dog photo

Another great thing about Simple Dog Care is its helpful list of resources for getting help when it comes to basic grooming techniques. Part one of the book includes a list of helpful websites including Web-MD, The veterinary site web-pages for each state and The National Pet Products Manufacturers Association website. Dr JoAnne Righetti explains how to use these resources to keep up with the latest developments in the canine world. In Part two, Dr LISA CHIENDRY explains in detail about ear cleaning and different tools used for this procedure. The two-part series concludes with a useful discussion on grooming equipment for senior dogs and puppies.