Puppy Training Tips

Puppy  photoPuppy Training is an essential part of dog ownership as a part of responsible pet ownership. Dog training is a specialized application of behavioral observation that involves the application of behavior modification that uses the environmental factors of past antecedents and effects to change the dog’s behavior, whether it to help it in various activities such as hunting or pursue specific tasks, to help it in the social arena of domestic life or to engage actively in modern domestic life. As such, it is imperative that you understand and be familiar with some important dog training tips so that you can teach your pet what you want them to do. This way, both you and your pet can reap the advantages of having a well-trained dog.
Puppy  photo

One of the most crucial aspects of successful dog training relies on your ability to establish a firm foundation on which you can base your training. It is very important that you first establish the importance of basic commands like sit, stay and heel. You should also provide praise when your dog obeys these basic commands. You must ensure that your dog always obeys your orders by providing it with a safe and secure place to perform the required tasks. Also, be sure that your dog follows the direction given by you and only when it does so it is expected that it will respond to a command given by you. Never make your dog perform an action that is not related to its natural behavior. Also, if you want your dog to perform a task that is not required of it then do not reward your pet for doing so.
Puppy  photo

The next tip in puppy training tips is to always reward your pet whenever he performs an action right after performing it. In addition, you should never punish your pet for misbehavior, for instance, if he jumps on the sofa or barbecues, then do not punish him or hit him for this misbehavior. You must be consistent with your dog training, as it is your responsibility as the owner to guide and train your pet properly. In the early stages of puppy training, you must always take your time and ensure that you are consistent with your dog training. This way, your dog will understand and know the correct behavior from the right behavior and will not feel confused when you hit him for performing an action he is not trained to do. or doing an action that is not part of his natural behavior.

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