Home Dog Training

Dog Training photoHome dog training is typically individual training which involves the owner/handler, a professional dog handler, and the dog. Typically, home training usually takes place mostly at home, but there are times when an outside training environment is necessary, for example, at the local animal shelter or pet shop. In general, dog training requires some form of obedience training in order for the dog to perform tasks with ease. Usually, in addition to the basic commands, such as stay, heel, and down, some basic tricks are taught as well. Some tricks such as “I love you” are taught to teach dogs to become affectionate towards their owners or other members of their family. Other tricks such as sit or stay are usually just to teach the dog simple manners.
Dog Training photo

The benefits of in-home dog training are obvious; the benefit of the first training environment is safety, since the training environment is the owner’s home. This is also a great way to avoid getting into dog fights or other potentially destructive behaviors such as chasing other dogs or roaming free without a leash. Dog training at home will teach the dog how to live in a social setting, where the dog will learn to accept and understand its family, not just its owner.
Dog Training photo

There are several things to consider when home dog training. First of all, the home environment needs to be conducive to a positive training environment. This means that the environment has to be conducive to a good training routine. A training routine needs to be consistent, so the dog knows what to expect and it must be fun for both the owner and the dog. A training routine should include a lot of praise, rewards, or treats for any actions and behaviors. When starting a training routine, it is important that the dog that is being trained get along with other pets and people. As the training progresses, it is necessary to introduce the different types of dog training into the training to insure that the dog understands what is expected of them and are willing to follow the owner’s instructions.

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