Getting a Dachshund Puppy

Dachshund  photoThe Dachshund, commonly called the long haired dog, badger dog or sausage dog, is an extremely long-hair, medium-sized, hound-like dog breed. They can be medium-coated, hairless, solid, short-coat, or long. They are a long-lived breed and are considered a high energy breed. The dog breeds are generally characterized by their coat, which is flat to wiry and dense, with long, shiny, and silky undercoat.
Dachshund  photo

Dachshund puppies need lots of love and attention and it is important to know what to look for when you are looking at getting a new dog. The puppy must be potty trained and the owners have to be very patient. Dachshunds tend to shed a lot of time goes into keeping them clean. They do not like to be kept in a house without a bath. A large, spacious area is recommended where they can run around for exercise. Training them to use a crate will help because they can learn to trust and respect you.
Dachshund  photo

When taking your first baby Dachshund puppy home, you will need to provide him with his first bed. It should be made from a comfortable material such as cotton or wool, but be careful not to make it so big that he cannot turn around on it. You should also buy a couple of toys that he can play with until they are older. He should have a lot of praise when playing with the toys. A dog crate is also very helpful for him to learn to trust you and have the time of his life.

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