Easy Dog Tricks For Beginners

dog play photoWhen you dedicate some time to practice your skills with your pet, you will get the most difficult dog to follow what you would like. It is just as important to remember how you train them too. When you are looking for ways to potty train your new dog, here are some easy tricks for beginners to help you out. Here are some of these simple tricks that can be useful to get your canine companion to go potty when you want them to do so.
dog play photo

The first thing you have to do when you are training methods to teach your pet is to make it easy for them. You should start with using a crate. You can either use a large crate or a smaller one, but this is the most convenient way for most of us. It makes it easy for you to leave the door open or close, thus making it a great place for your puppy to go potty. You can then praise them for doing their job properly and putting their waste inside the crate, which is usually a big positive sign.
dog play photo

Another easy trick to teach your canine is to let him know that if they pee on the floor, it is okay. This is a very easy trick to learn, as they are used to going in the potty with you. This trick can actually work on other pets such as cats or rabbits. There are also plenty of other methods you can try to teach them, but if you want to be sure to give them the best chance at doing their jobs, always use a crate when you would like them to go potty. Good luck and have fun with your new canine friend!

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