Tips on Caring For Your Dog Properly

dogs photoIf you nod yes, congratulations! And welcome to the Buzby clan of dog lovers who love their pets dearly and desire them to live long, healthy life right here on earth! But what are these amazing dog-care skills you must know to be able to give your dog the best? Are you aware that there are some downright extraordinary techniques and methods you can employ in order to make your dog’s life better? I mean, how else are you going to maintain his health, look after his hair, teeth, nails, etc? Here are a few tips that will definitely help you care for your dog properly.dogs photo

The first among these methods is that of employing the services of a veterinarian. Veterinarians, being the “keepers of the gate,” are the ones in charge of the animal welfare and you have to comply with their rules, regulations and policies as the law is always on the side of the animals’ safety and well being. It is highly recommended that dog owners employ the services of a veterinarian as they are not only qualified to perform surgeries and administer medications but also have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with animals of all ages and living conditions. This is one sure way of caring for your dog properly. Do remember, however, that you need to consult a veterinarian before administering any medicine or before subjecting him to surgery.dogs photo

The second tip on caring for your dog properly is to learn about dog breeds and their respective needs. There are certain dogs that respond differently to the same medicines and treatments. Know what breed of dog is suited for your household, your lifestyle and the amount of time you can allot to your pet. By doing so, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and money by taking your time to choose the best medication for your beloved pet. In case of emergency, seek veterinary care for your pets and make sure that you keep them up to date with all their vaccinations and checkups.

Dog Training Treats – The Best Dog Training Treat For Training

dog foods photoIf you want your dog to act well and learn quickly, then you should consider using some dog training treats. Dog training treats work very well for the dogs that are under-trained and those that need more intensive and positive training.
dog foods photo

There are plenty of treats out there that are specifically designed for the training of dogs. The key is to find the right one for your particular dog. Dogs have a varied appetite and they also love to play around with their food. So, it is important to take into consideration the size of your dog when choosing a training treat. Some dog training treats are small enough to be swallowed whole while others need to be chewed or even torn apart to provide a treat for your dog.
dog foods photo

There are different dog training treats available on the market and it would be wise to know what your dog likes in order to find the right one for your dog. Most dogs will eat just about anything, so if you want your dog to act well and learn quickly, then it would be a good idea to give him or her the best dog training treats you can find. In fact, if you take your dog for a walk, then you may even want to let him sniff the different dog training treats that are available, as he will get used to seeing them and the smell will make him feel safe and secure.

Teaching Your Dog Tricks

white dog photoTeaching Your Dog Tricks – What’s the purpose? Well, first off, assure you do in fact have a life! No, the dog isn’t spoiled nor too fat nor overweight from getting “too much” treats, just because every treat is smaller than a pea. No, don’t force your dog to do something either or crush her spirit with “forcing” her to do tricks, either. Instead, when training, reward your dog’s obedience and encourage it, then let your dog lead it, and if necessary let her know that you will correct her but not punish her.
white dog photo

When you teach your dog tricks, it’s important to remember that they are for the game of fetch. If it were for play, then you’d need to train your dog more about social etiquette and body language, and possibly, how to behave around children. There’s no point in forcing your dog to act in a certain way, since that only teaches her not to trust you. Instead, reward your dog’s obedience, tell her you see what she did and praise her and that you think she is very good at it, and that you want to make sure your dogs learn the rules in order to win the game.
white dog photo

Teaching Your Dog Tricks isn’t hard, but it will take patience on your part. If you want to win at fetch with your dog, then be patient and reward your dog for her obedience, then if necessary, tell her you’ll correct her, but won’t punish her.